Timeless Love

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Anger or recentment toward someone who has left us does not prove we love and they don’t. It proves we don’t understand the true nature of love, or we would not be ripping ourselves apart because someone tore from us something to which we had become attached.  This momentary hole in our soul, created by such losses, must be left empty and not filled with negatative states, otherwise we will never see the birth of a new and higher order of love within us because we have no room left for it to appear.

We have all been hurt, left with a wounded heart.  In moments of such loss, our emptiness does not stay empty for long; we are soon filled with anger, guilt, regret, or grief.  These dark thoughts and feelings usually accomplish two things at once.  At their onset, they bind us to a negative certainty that we will never love or trust, but that’s not the worst of it.  They also blind us so that the real purpose behind our pain goes unseen; as such, we miss the following lesson.  Hidden within it is the power to transform our tears into a new kind of triumph over sorrow:

It isn’t love that has hurt us.

Once our inner eyes are open and we can read the story between the lines secreted away in our suffering, we are able to see one celestial miracle after another.  For instance, we realize that real love cannot hurt us any more than the light from a lamp can turn a room dark.  We understand without taking thought that the nature of light is to reveal, not conceal. It is clear; love heals; its divine purpose is to integrate and transform all that it embraces and all who choose to embrace it.

The birth of this new inner wisdom delivers the aspirant to a spiritual crossroads.  The left-hand path leads to unrequited sorrow.  The one on the right-hand leads to revelations; from its elevated view, we see our heartaches, whatever their nature, as heralds of a higher order of love that brings a divine invitation to realize a level of ourselves that cannot be diminished by any loss.

This world of ours, and all that transpires here, is a school for our spiritual education.  Like any institution of higher learning; it has teachers, lessons, all serve to make possible the revelation and eventually the realization of a timeless love on that both creates and maintains the cosmos. Now, let’s take the light of this same insight and shine it on that dark moment when life seems to take from us something or someone that we love.

Whenever we find ourselves hurt, left behind; life seems to be telling us that it’s time to suffer. But this perception is as false as the lower level of self that falls for it.  As we will see, the truth of these moments, is far and away another story.

In any and all unwanted moments, life asks us a single question; are we ready to see that our pain is not because something has changed, as it obviously had to do, but rather we suffer because of a part of us that desperatly fears change? As challenging as this may be, we must acknowledge this revelation if we wish to realize the lesson it brings.  Only then can we take the true action from which this new understanding calls: we must let go of any part of us that clings to its pain as proof of its love.

How can we be sure that letting go can help us outgrow our suffering, let alone learn to welcome those unwanted moments that seem to deliver us into its dark hands?

Our own experiences have proven, time and time again, that the lessons we need in order to transcend our present level of understanding ride in on the back of events. Yet, in the midst of all these individual revelations lies hidden a single lesson greater than all of them combined: any truth that we come to see about ourselves is and always has been a part of our consciousness.  Experience proves this divine discovery.

Whenever we finally learn the lesson in some moment and see the truth of it, the feeling is more like we have suddenly remembered something than one of having stumbled upon something formerly unknown to us.  These moments of illumination are like running into a long-lost friend, and, in a way, that’s what they are: the remembrance of any timeless truth reunites us with our eternal Self.  We are led to these moments by a loving Intelligence that waits within us to show that we have never been alone, and never will be.

This means that our life lesson appear as they do, when they do, to serve a beautiful single purpose: to release us from the painful illusion that when something or someone we love comes to an end, love itself comes to an end.

What punishes us in these moments is our identification with a lower level of self that’s  trying to hold onto a form of love that can no longer be sustained in this world. This false nature suffers as it does, for one reason only: it fears that the end of its relationship, with whatever or whoever, it has become identified with spells the end of its existance as well. And so it clings, denies, and decries all that passes because it believes that it is nothing without its designated “other”.

Yes it hurts to be left behind; there is always grief when a loved one passes on, as surely as we feel anger and sorrow upon learning that someone near and dear has betrayed and lied to us.  This is why, if we hope to realize the timeless love that lies within us, we must not only perfect the following understanding but also practice its truth in any moment where love seems lost:

In the worlds above us, that dwell with us – we are the other.

The indwelling love of the Divine never dies; it only assumes new ways to teach us this truth so that we may share in its ceaseless rebirth with us.

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Tina ❤




Seasons Change – and so does Our Food

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What’s in this season? I’m not talking about the latest fashion trends, but the amazing produce that nature brings in with every change of season. Just like you dress differently throughout the year, you should eat keeping in mind the different seasons too. After all, nature has an amazing way of providing you with just what you need, when you need it. Among all the healthy eating trends, the one I find the most appealing is that of eating fresh, local and seasonal food.

Locally-grown seasonal foods often harmonize with our nutritional needs. For example, the beta carotene in the orange pigment of pumpkins and other squash will help bolster your immune system just in time to help ward off winter colds. And the oils of nuts—fats in their purest form—will provide nutrient-rich calories that help keep you warm as the temperature drops.

In practical terms, this means that you’ll get the most nutrition—not to mention the most affordable enjoyment—by eating seasonally. You may want to follow these basic guidelines for optimal nutrition and taste:


  • In spring, pick the new growth of the season: tender leafy vegetables such as spinach, romaine or leaf lettuces, swiss chard, and early peas, as well as fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, and dill.
  • For summer, try lighter produce, with fruits such as strawberries, pears, apples, and plums, and vegetables such as summer squash, broccoli, corn, and cauliflower. You can also incorporate other summer-type herbs, such as mint or cilantro.
  • During fall, choose hearty harvest foods, including sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic. When cooking, emphasize “warmer” spices and seasonings such as peppercorns, ginger, and mustard seeds.
  • In winter, also pick hearty foods. Keep in mind the principle that foods which take longer to grow are generally more sustaining than foods that grow quickly. In this category are most root vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic, as well as eggs, corn, and nuts.

As you choose the best foods of the season, remember that the healthiest and most enjoyable diet involves diversity. Although you may have to compromise sometimes due to convenience and time constraints, try as much as possible to make food shopping and cooking an adventure, something you can enjoy or share with family members. Try these tips to enhance the journey:

  • Focus on the fresh, minimizing the use of prepared foods as much as possible. When you must use prepared foods, make an effort to embellish them with one or more fresh ingredients.
  • Pick a new produce item to try every week, whether the neglected rutabaga or the tropical mango.
  • Cook at least one new dish each week, and look for recipes that will help you get acquainted with new ingredients. You can subscribe to a food magazine, plug in keywords on the Internet, or even swap new recipes with friends. Since food writers generally base their topics and menus on the foods of the season, take advantage of their offerings to reward yourself with wholesome, tasty meals.
  • Experiment with regional or ethnic dishes. Most regional cuisines, developed in horse-and-buggy times, used local ingredients close by. Exploring new foods will keep mealtime both interesting and healthy.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the useful food information your grocer provides. Whether you consult those little description cards that hang above specific fruits and veggies, or hold a friendly discussion with the produce manager on how to peel the leaves of an artichoke, you’ll find a wealth of ideas about preparing food.

Let the backdrop of the seasons be your guide to happy and healthy eating—you’ll find that Mother Nature does indeed know best!

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Coach Tina ❤


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Five Simple Laws to Help You Reach Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities

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Allowing yourself to act in such a way as to deny yourself of a new awareness of yourself – whatever its quality – is the same as refusing your right to realize the limitless depth and breadth of the immortal Self.

We are all familiar with the general laws that govern our physical well-being: eat healthy foods, excercise both mind and body and avoid toxic people and places whenever possible. Adhere to these simple laws and be relatively free from suffering: break them, and you place yourself under another set of laws that pretty much guarantee you won’t be happy with how you feel.

Much in the same way, as shown above, there are spiritual laws that govern what we will or won’t discover about ourselves in this lifetime. And when we understand that self-knowledge is to our spiritual growth what a spring rain is to the wildflower seeds that await it, then we also realize how vital it is to not just embrace these higher laws but embrace them mind, body and soul.

Following are five laws to assist you awaken and realize your highest spiritual possibilities.

If It Doesn’t Flow, There’s More to Know

Learn to recognize all forms of strain, whether at work, in your creative efforts, or in your relationships, as being unnecessary.  The mounting friction you feel when busy at some labor is never caused by the task at hand but by what you don’t know about it. This means the only real reason for your strain is that you have got hold of a wrong idea you don’t yet see as wrong.  Sit back, breathe give yourself time to analyse the idea. Ask yourself the following questions: Who’s business am I in? If its causing this much friction it’s more then likely two things; you are trying to control someone else’s life. And/or its the absense of Forgiveness.  You are invested in the story you are telling yourself. Question if what you are believing is the “Truth”.  This new insight allows you to release yourself by showing you what you need to know.  Flowing follows your new knowing. Allow space between you and whatever you are battling with for healing to occur. Always remember if a door closes it’s not your door.  Be patient, what is meant for you will always reveal itself.

Refuse to Take the Easy Way

There’s no getting away from what you don’t know, which is why anytime you feel compelled to go around a problem by taking the easy way, for example; pretending it doesn’t exist, blaming others for your pain, or meeting it with half-measures, that problem always comes back around again.  And isn’t that what makes life seem so hard? Learn to see the “Truth”. It’s a lying thought that keeps you tied up and doing hard time. Getting through something is not the same as having it completed.  And as this insight grows, so will your understanding that the whole idea of the “hard way” has always been just a lying thought as well.  Now you know: the complete way is a life that is questioned. Learn to live the effortless way, by giving yourself the gift of awakening to your truth.

Watch for the Opportunity to Learn Something New

Everything is changing all the time.  This means life is an endless occasion for learning something new, but this means more than meets the eye.  Just as your are part of everything, everything is part of you. The whole of life is connected.  And your ability to learn is part of the wonder of this complete but ever-changing whole.  Learning serves as a window into the complex world you see around you, and through it you may also look into the “you” that’s busy looking into the world.  And when you have learned there’s no end to what you can see about the amazing worlds spinning both around and within you, you will also know there’s no end to you. So stay awake, and learn something new every day.  You will love how it makes you feel about yourself.

See Conclusions as Limitations

If you approach the possibilities of learning about your life as being limitless, which they are, then it follows that any conclusion you reach about yourself has to be an unseen limitation. Why? Because there is always more to see. For instance, let yourself see that all conclusions are illusions when it comes to the security they promise. There may be security in a prison, but there are also no choices behind its confining walls.  Learn to see all conclusions about yourself as invisible cells, for that’s exactly what they are. The seeming security these conclusions offer is a poor substitute for the real security of knowing that who you really are is always “free” to be who ever your heart desires.

Persistence Always Prevails

If you will persist with your sincere intent for higher learning, you can’t help but succeed. Persistance always prevails because part of its power is to hold you in place until either the universe lines up with your intention or you see that your intention is out of alignment. But for whichever way it turns in the present moment, you obtained something only persistance can buy. If you get what you think you have to be happy and you are still not satisfied, then you have learned what doesn’t work. Persist to work on yourself.  Love yourself unconditionally.  Love the good, the bad and the ugly of yourself.  It’s all you.  You have the divine knowledge to change your mind, your heart and your life at any given moment.  What does it take? Discipline, prayer, understanding, forgiveness and loads of self love. Trust that you are guided for the best possible evolution for your own unique path and soul.  And most importantly be strong in faith.

Now you can go on to higher state of being.  And should you learn you have been wearing yourself out with useless wishes, then this discovery allows you to turn your energies in a new direction of what is really important: SELF-LIBERATION.

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Tina ❤

My Life Is My Message – III Pillars To Freedom – By: Tina Aurelio

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I am going to share with you the life of a beautiful woman I used to know, we all know and call her by the name of Tina.  Through her life experiences, lessons, hardship, pain, suffering, she discovered the III Pillars of Freedom…Tina’s journey to Self-love began.

Many of us live two lives, the life we are living and the unlived life within us. Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… I have learned it’s just easier if you do.”

We are not just close to having abundance in all areas of our life: we are already there. In fact, the things we desire most – love, prosperity and health, are part of our natural state of being. When we accept that we ARE love, prosperity and health with all of our heart, we will behave in a way that allows them to flow into our life.

Being authentic and free means living from your soul. You are living your true, authentic life when what you do matches your beliefs and values. It is being yourself, not who society thinks you should be or who someone else wants you to be. Being authentic I discovered takes two things – first, getting in touch with your true self and understanding what’s important to you, then having the courage to make life choices based upon that knowledge.

Who Am I? – As a young child, seeing angels fascinated me, I always thought that they were falling stars from the ceiling. As my clairaudience developed, however, I very quickly learned to communicate with them and realized there was another world to be discovered and learn from. My first conversations with them involved a trust of friendship. They talked to me when I was lonely, played with me when I was sad and most importantly educated me about God. I felt happy and elated when they visited me, and using my childhood rational, I had just discovered my new best friends.

When I grew older, I became more sensitive to energy. I saw, sensed and heard Angels everywhere. It became normal for me and I soon recognized that my concept of “normal” was different from that of most other people. Where do I belong? I hid my abilities from my family, friends and non-family members out of fear of being judged and rejected. This fear of being judged lasted for many years. I communicated with my angels daily and I kept it a secret.

I was 35 years old when I was faced with chaos in my life. A brutal divorce after 17 years of marriage. Quitting my job, losing my friends and feeling betrayed, unloved and discarded. I was left without an identity, so I thought, at the time. I abandoned my abilities to communicate with my Angels, and found justice in blaming God for every bad situation that happened in my life.

“I don’t want to live like this anymore!” At the age of 37, I found myself in front of a mirror.  I looked at myself and for the life of me I did not know who I was and I didn’t like who was staring back at me.  I questioned: “how does someone get to this state?” Thinking back now, I can tell you how I lost myself one hundred times over and died over a 1000 deaths.  I was a people pleaser.  I accommodated everyone’s requests but my own.  I pleased my parents, my children, my co-workers, and I never realized that I was never pleasing myself. I was the perfect wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend.  They named an award after me “The People Pleaser!”

I believed that I had nothing.  I was worth nothing and lived up to that thought everyday!  I was lost in every single aspect of my life.  I was overweight, broke, unhappy, with no sense of peace. I believed that no one loved me including God. I was desperate.  I wanted to end it all.

Where did the transition happen for me?  One night, I found myself on the edge of a cliff, calculating if the fall would be enough to kill me—that’s why I was there after all.  I just wanted my personal hell and pain to go away.  I got out of the car, looked down… I wanted to make sure the fall was deep enough to kill me. It was a cold night, I could see my breath crystallizing.  I took a moment to look around and for a moment I appreciated what was before me.  I could clearly see the stars…”make a wish” I thought.  Without my intention, the realization of what I was about to do hit me like a brick. This is insane, I got scared, the heat that generated from my heart brought me to my knees.  I started to cry and shouted “help me Father, help me!

My miracle at that very moment was the shouting of a voice behind me “enough”, you are more than you think you are! I awakened in the moment feeling an intense expression of love and compassion and an unbelievable sense of remorse.  In that surreal moment I felt and realized that I was going to be given a new life to start again.  I knew who God was and I trusted Him.  I truly believe that we walk our Journey alone. God is who I turn to in good times and in bad.  I will always stay on my knees in gratitude to God.  The reason is that every time I try to control my agenda or have a pity party or a temper tantrum, it never goes my way. So I chose to have Him decide always what is good for me.

Every one of us has the ability to rise above and claim our power.  The magic to finding oneself is to remember who we are. Always inquire and identify your situations and act upon them with love, find the solution, instead of repeating the problem.

It is our duty to come back to love and our divinity.  Your greatest victory will come in knowing yourself and realizing how incredible you really are.  You will then be able to give up those thoughts and feelings of what others think you can or cannot do.

How fulfilling is your life right now? This is a pretty serious question. There is not really a formula for this life thing.  A lot is just based on feelings, and you know how difficult it can be to understand feelings.

I want you to know, we are born free. You have the right to live free and in happiness. Freedom is your divine birthright. However, it takes a determination to walk in the fullness of this gift. I know how you feel; I have been there, and that’s why I want to share how I transformed my life.

So, where did I start?

The first step is to identify what you want and define your journey. Your belief in this thought will bring forth all the fruits that are your birthright: wealth, love, happiness, health, quality relationships, etc. But most of all, you’ll discover what loving yourself really means—only then will the miracle happen. And remember: You’re the only one responsible and accountable for you, so all your actions and thoughts reflect how you believe in yourself.

To change, you must overcome your painful past and thoughts —an overwhelming task to say the least.  One of my most difficult tasks was to accept change, to face my fears, and to heal and forgive my past, so I could be happy in the present. But through this, I came to understand my self-worth and to understand that it had nothing to do with my past, but only to do with the present moment. I discovered: that my self-worth is a part of who I am, that I am beautiful simply because I exist, and that I am lovable simply because I am!

Pillar I – The Body

I was not impressed with my body to say the least. For the longest time, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed, but at the time I did not know how much these feelings tied into my nutrition, or lack thereof. 

I had always been overweight. I tried every new diet I could during my teenage and young adult years. And by the age of 21, I’d finally achieved my goal weight—120 pounds. Now keep in mind that this took me five years to achieve. The reason; because I used to yo-yo diet—a lot. I would lose five pounds and then gain seven. It wasn’t until I finally decided to stick to a very low calorie plan of 640 calories a day (a big mistake) that I got down to my goal weight—a weight I maintained until about age 27. I became pregnant with my eldest son, Rudy.

As a pregnant woman, I gave myself validation and permission to eat whatever I wanted as often as I wanted and wound up weighing in at 220 pounds—yes, a total weight gain of 100 pounds, when my son Rudy was born.

And back I went to my 640 calories a day. Finally, one year later, I was down to 115 pounds. Wow —I sure enjoyed looking thin … except for the fact that I was starving myself. I thought about food every minute of the day. I was having breakfast, and planning lunch. My skin was gray, my hair was falling out, and my nails were cracking, but I was thin and could slip into any outfit I wanted! I was weak, unhealthy, and could barely get up in the morning and be present for my demanding life.

Two years passed like this before I got pregnant with my youngest son, Michael. I played the same game over again, and on the day he was born I weighed 260 pounds.

The bathroom scale became my best friend. We visited each other at least twice a day. It became a love and hate relationship. I was not addicted to my scale, we were in a committed relationship. I started to dislike her, she kept on telling me the same story. Here is how I heard it; “Sorry, you are at the same weight, see you later.”

I remember the awful beatings I gave myself each time my weight did not drop. What was going on? I got fed up with my best friend the scale and decided to divorce her and immediately replace her with the state of the art one, Ms. Digital. Before I knew it, Ms. Digital was lying to me too. Best to blame it on Ms. Digital. It was no fault of mine how the Oreo cookies disappeared from my pantry. I loved Oreo cookies with milk. I would have bought shares of Mr. Christie’s company. What a great slogan… “YOU MAKE GOOD COOKIES”!

All the while I was overeating there was a child like inside me that was calling for help. “Love me,” she’d whisper in my ear as I reached for the Oreo Cookies in the pantry. I didn’t hear her because I was not looking for her. I didn’t know there was a message hidden within my addiction because no one has alerted me to this simple fact.

I was an individual who played the “weight loss game” I had an emotionally charged relationship with food. Feeling “up” when eating right, eating at the right time, eating the right amount and “down” when eating the wrong foods. It is this emotional charge that makes food addictive. We become dependent on the mood-altering effect not only of such foods as sugar, but also of the whole complex structure of diet and overeating.

The weight loss game is a distraction, an attempt to control the unpleasant feelings caused by our disconnection from Self. We play it to create an illusion of happiness based on “winning”, being thin and sticking to the rules of being “good” with our food. But when we “lose” the game, go off our diet and regain the weight, we are left with our underlying inability to know our Self.

Trying to change food behaviour without addressing the real issues is a losing battle. When we break a rule, we lose the motivation to continue. “Why bother” “I screwed up!” “Might as well go all the way.” We are now back into the food and another round of the game is lost.

Healing requires a willingness on our part to give up the “high”. We must abandon the illusion that when we are thin we will be happy, so that we can genuinely feel our experiences. Letting go of the game may seem scary because we know on some level we will be faced, perhaps for the first time, with an array of uncomfortable feelings, problems which have been previously avoided, and our own poorly defined identity.

This realization is crucial, because it comes with love and hope. Once we become aware of the truth of our feelings, problems and needs, we can be empowered to act on our own behalf. Moving inward to the centre of our Self, we can discover a truly rich and fulfilling life at all levels.

I have good news: You were never meant to carry around those negative feelings. You were meant to feel them, grow from them and pass them on. Just like food. Eat, grow and pass it on. Not hold on to it. I don’t care how much fat, shame, fear, guilt, anger, loneliness and grief you are carrying, you can pass it all on through and come back to love. I am living proof.

To do this, you must understand that you are entitled to be open and alive, it is your birthright and your body is, was and always will be your best friend. But the hard part is you have to be willing to re-enter your body and that means feel the child like feelings you have been avoiding all these years. You have to backtrack, clean house, feel the old stuff and move it through so you can catch up to the present, so you can reclaim your sense of well-being that is beneath waiting to emerge. It is only important to connect with these feelings so that they can be released and you can experience internal well-being and power.

Pillar II – The Mind

I remember when I first started my Journey to Self-Love, the first thought that came to mind was to look outside myself. It is always the easiest place to start. “I need to change the world first and then everything will be perfect”. I discovered that trying to change or fix the world is like trying to change a movie by manipulating the movie screen.

To be honest with you I got really tired. I questioned: why is nothing getting fixed? Why am I not getting fixed? I realized that after so much effort, that the world as we know it is simply a screen onto which we project our thoughts. Until we change those thoughts. The movie stays the same and so does our story.

“What you think, you become!” I am living proof. If you have positive thoughts you are going to attract positive situations in your life. If like me, in the past, all of your thoughts are negative, you better get ready for a shit storm. I used to force my opinions and concepts instead of using my personal power to really change my life, with everyone and everything. I demanded their love, respect and acted like a two year old child when I felt I did not get it. I blamed everyone for my life. This person said this, she called me that…and I would simply explode like a volcano when I did not get my way. I carried a lot of armor. Ask me if I gave any love, respect, compassion or kindness in return to anyone; how could I, I never extended love and kindness to myself, how could I have given it freely to the world. We need to look at ourselves first, accept all that we are flaws and divinity. Take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. And most importantly learn that we are doing the best we can at any given time.

The world revolved around me. Sounds familiar. I was like a lion looking for her prey. I would always find a reason or someone to blame. That’s the ego’s best trick; blame someone or something else. That way you don’t have to look at yourself. And I never inquired why? I suffered, I was in pain. My mind worked similar to the mouse running the wheel: Lots of effort but it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I would continue to make the same plans and God laughed.

The first step to create personal change and taking responsibility for your self is to recognize the reoccurring patterns and/or habits in your life that no longer serve you. I started to pay attention to my patterns in my everyday life and recognized that I made them in to my life story. I operated by “habit” not by “intention”.

Year after year repeating the same story, I realized that I was not ever going to move forward unless I accepted myself for who I was and what happened to me. Self-acceptance is one of the keys that will initiate your journey towards authenticity.

Sounds easy enough right! The journey of love and change does not work without the healing power of self-love and self-acceptance. Self-improvement simply does not work without the healing power of self-love and self-acceptance.

The immense power of self-acceptance is like shining a light into your own mind which allows for spontaneous inner healing and deep personal growth to take place. For real change to happen we need to understand just how much damage we cause ourselves through self-criticism.

By letting go of self-criticism and self-judgment, the power of self-acceptance radiates throughout our very self, evoking a shift in our self-perception. When we move past judgment then the real healing begins!

The power of your mind is amazing and determines every aspect of your life. If you want a happier, more loving and successful life, you need to stay connected with your spirit. When your mind and spirit reconnects, you will become more focused and balanced. You will experience greater self-confidence, feelings of worthiness, and improved health.

Expressing your feelings positively and appropriately is necessary to ensure that your emotions are flowing through your body—otherwise they get trapped and those negative emotions can lead to illness. If you have negative feelings you need to do an inquiry and question why you are feeling that way. As I began to heal, I learned that our feelings are wonderful gifts God gave us to help better guide us.

From my own experience, I know many of us live our lives carrying a thousand of pounds of negative baggage around with us filled with emotions because we think they are too painful to address. I’m here to tell you that you must address them if you want to achieve happiness and harmony—it is critical to release those emotions from your body!

All of us including myself are playing a part in a large transformation process. Each of us is being forced to confront whatever it is we do or even think, that keeps love away. Blocking love’s power to change our own lives, we block its power to change the world. Truly, we are bigger then all of our problems, our problems and situations are manifestations of our forgetfulness to remember who we truly are.

The other day I experienced an “Ah Ha” moment that made me see my reality differently than I normally see it. Someone asked me, “What are you afraid of?”

I stopped in my tracks! My thoughts immediately brought me to being homeless and living under a bridge. Thinking back my thoughts were persistent and ranked high up there. But as I thought deeper, and after writing my fears down in my journal, I realized that I was afraid of success.

All I could think about was the future. What if I became so successful that I didn’t have time to meditate, write, run, do Pilates or simply have fun? Am I ready for the rigors of speaking engagements, workshops and travel?

With awareness, I began to see that this fear was blocking my progress, and I was looking at my life through the lens of this limiting belief.

Beliefs are merely repeated thoughts about how you see yourself and the world around you. We protect our beliefs and hold them close to us until they become hardened and crystallized. But they can prevent us from living the life we see for ourselves.

As I thought deeper, I asked myself the question, “Why do I show up in the world?” It became apparent that I am here to serve. This is who I am. And in order to efficiently serve, I must remain focused on what I do best.
I seek to help others uncover their Divinity aspect. When we are aligned with our truth, we live our purpose. And living on purpose propels our collective evolution.

Research has shown that we think 80,000 thoughts a day! 79,000 of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday. How can we create new realities with the same old thinking?

I have created a new belief – the encouraging belief that I can easily overcome and release all limiting beliefs and move forward in the life I see for myself.

The first step is awareness. If you catch yourself thinking thoughts that no longer serve you, all you need is to do is wake up to the reality that it’s time for some new thinking.

Awareness – waking up to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Choice – consciously choosing the thoughts you think
Change – altering your thoughts, feelings and actions

Awareness describes a state of consciousness in which you are alert, awake and consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Since your self esteem is a reflection of what you think and how you feel about yourself it is necessary to be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

When you notice that your habitual self-talk is judgmental about what you say and do; or critical regarding what you should have said or what you didn’t do, then you are on your way to upgrading the software of your mind – your thoughts and ultimately your experience.

Choice is the act of making a decision. To consciously choose the thoughts that support your positive self esteem and self confidence you must be aware of both your thoughts and feelings that detract from and support your positive self esteem.
With this awareness you will notice when you are thinking thoughts that undermine your self esteem; as well as be aware of the thoughts that boost your self esteem. A powerful question to consider in order to choose thoughts and feelings that promote your self esteem is:

What are the thoughts and feelings that support positive self-esteem and confidence? Whenever you notice you are being critical and judgmental of yourself you can make the choice to strengthen your brain pathways that affirms your positive self esteem by declaring: I Am Confident!

Change is where the rubber meets the road, where you put into practice the choices you have made, transforming your thoughts and feelings about yourself so you embody positive self esteem and confidence.

This does not mean there won’t be times when you are confronted with your fears of failure or success, or that you won’t, on occasion, question your ability. What it does mean is that as soon as you notice you are feeling less than or not enough you will:

  1. Be awake to your feelings.
  2.  Identify the thoughts that result in your feelings of low self esteem.
  3.  Shift your attention to thoughts supporting your ever deepening experience of positive self-esteem.

Self-esteem is crucial and is a cornerstone of a positive attitude towards living. It is very important because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to your potential. Low self-esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which means that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In addition, it has a direct bearing on your happiness and well-being.

To achieve the miraculous experience of life, we must embrace a more spiritual perspective. Otherwise, we will die one day without ever having known real joy of living. The joy of living emerges from our experience of our true being. When we detach from other people’s opinions and projections onto us, when we allow ourselves permission to dream our greatest dreams, when we are willing to forgive ourselves and others, when we remember that we were born with one purpose: TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.

Pillar III – The Spirit

You are a spiritual being that is whole, conscious, already empowered and eternally free.  You are an infinite being connected to the greatest source of divine love.  All that is needed is to just remember you are!

You are the authority of your life and you decide and choose when, where, and how. I believe you can transform your life! And as you begin to implement these techniques and strategies in your life, you’ll begin to love and approve of yourself and you’ll reconnect to that amazing life-force power within you—a power that is the very essence of God. This transition is really a yellow brick road experience, and like Dorothy (Wizard Of Oz), you will discover that you always had the power within you. It was only through life’s disappointments and fears that you never noticed what had always been within you. 

I wanted to free my Spirit. I did not want to be and live in my own prison.  Who does? It’s an insane way to live.  The reality of it all is that no one cares.  Everyone of us has their own Pandora box to open and sort through.  “To me, God is an energy of Love and we are made of it. We are not separate from God, and neither is anything we see.” We are one Love, one Heart, one Truth, one Light.

We worry about our reputation what others think of us; character is what God knows of us. When you have spent what feels like eternity trying to repair a few moments of time that destroyed the view others once had of you then you must ask yourself if you have the problem or is it really them? God doesn’t make us try so hard, only enemies do. Life is truly a reflection of what we allow ourselves to be and see.

Attitude is important, because it represents your image to the world and is the driving force behind behavior. Our attitude influences our world and everything we do in it. It defines the energy we send out and in turn, takes shape and color in our circumstances. If we have a positive attitude, we are welcoming and people are drawn to us. If we have a negative attitude, we literally push people and opportunities away. A positive attitude opens us to the flow of life.

Get out of your own way, step back from the details and think about the whole. Our Spiritual well being can come from living in the present moment and practicing mindfulness or it may come from reflecting on our past.

The point is, spiritual well-being is about finding meaning and purpose in our life and our place in the greater universe. Exploring our unique spirituality can help us choose actions that are consistent with our personal beliefs and values. Reconciling our actions with our beliefs can be central to the development of spiritual well-being, among many other facets of our life.

Spiritual well-being can have a dramatic impact on various aspects of our well-being, particularly with respect to finding overall peace, love, harmony, and happiness with our life and surroundings.

Imbalance in spiritual well-being can affect our sense of purpose and meaning in the world, which carries emotional, physical, social, and possibly even financial implications. Though spirituality may play a more important role for some than for others, becoming aware of how spirituality weaves into your unique well-being wheel can be helpful in developing an integrated, holistic, and balanced self.

I practice the following, it’s good for my Spirit:

I Surrender my life to God’s Will—to a higher power and purpose that knows what is best for you. Most of us don’t want to surrender ourselves because it runs opposite to our ego, which wants to control everything, but without surrendering, there is no peace.  

I Trust that all will be well, and trust that God will be there to look after me—if He can keep the Earth rotating on a specific axis, then He can take care of you, too!

I Accept – This can be very difficult, especially if you’ve been mistreated by others, but if you do not embrace what you have been through—the good, the bad and the ugly—and accept that it came your way so you could grow and learn, then it will hold you back re-living the past. So if you don’t want to stay where you are, then accept the situation and let go.  

In this world, we all experience disappointments, but as we let go of those disappointments, we make room for new and exciting situations to fill that space.

I forgive others and set myself free. Every time you dwell on the negatives of the past, you’ll get depressed because those bad moments will take hold of your present. And when you do that, you tend to only manifest more of the same. So instead of manifesting more negative feelings and situations, ask God to help you forgive those who wronged you and experience what it is like to feel free! 

The relief of forgiveness is unmistakable. At times, it comes in a rush. At other times, it comes in gentle subtle waves bringing refreshment to you and your heart.

Hurt is real. Holding onto hurt instead of healing it can turn into resentment. Resentment fuels a grudge. And this can create a wall around your heart. Over time, the natural compassion of your heart diminishes in intensity.

Make a choice. Be willing. Look forward to.  Be open to letting go of grudges and resentments that have built up. This is a powerful first step in forgiving.

The act of forgiving someone, whether or not they deserve it, calls upon the highest good within us. The actual act draws upon a place deep inside of you where the highest compassion and unconditional love exists. Small steps create big effects. Forgiveness arrives as the result of many small but significant steps.

When a spiritual awakening is taking place, the journey is an individual one.  It is time to open your heart and mind, be still; there is much to be revealed.  You will journey through life and see the world through different eyes.  It is a time to share your discoveries and learn from others.  To respect those whose time it is not to travel this road. Don’t let fear hold you back.  There is no turning back.  It is time to leave the old behind and experience the new.  Allow the mystery to unfold. 

Through the toughest of lessons we grow. Pray that your actions are guided and you journey the road for your greater good. That lessons learned are meaningful, loving, gentle and positive. 

Allow the energy to carry you.  Your life is an adventure. Allow yourself the time to explore within and out.  Discover yourself.  Be the loving spiritual light being that you are and shine. 

You will be drawn in many directions, flow with the energy at the time. Pursue whatever takes your interest.  There are many opportunities to explore.  Most of all enjoy the learning experience and grow.  Ride the colourful rainbow of life.

The totality of possibilities connects everything, including our Universe and beyond.

What I know for sure is have faith because God has a plan for you, bigger and better of what you can imagine.  No matter what insane madness we fall into, God always delivers the love and peace that lies beyond.

This is a time for new beginnings. Don’t let fear hold you back. Trust your instincts better than ever. Go with the flow. Have faith and trust the forces that drive you. New opportunities will present themselves. Don’t listen to those voices that habitually hold you back. The unknown may be a little scary, but at the same time it offers exciting challenges that unfold and lead you to other new and exciting opportunities. Take your time to explore your way through life. Stay open to the challenges that present themselves. Most importantly learn from your experiences. Follow your heart and go for it! –

From my Heart to your Heart, God Bless ❤ Tina <3.

The Love of Mindful Eating & Cooking – Discovering a Loving Relationship with Your Food!

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When we bring mindfulness to our moments with ourselves, family, and friends, we can ascertain what we are feeling and what we need. Mindful eating and cooking is a way to rediscover one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings.  It also has the unexpected benefit of helping us tap into our body’s natural wisdom and our hearts natural capacity for openness, love and gratitude.

What is “Mindfulness?”

Mindfulness means paying attention or being aware in the present moment. In the present moment, and being non-judgemental.  Left to itself the mind travels through all kinds of thoughts – including thoughts such as anger, cravings, depression, and self-pity just to name a few. As we take comfort in these thoughts, we reinforce those emotions in our hearts and cause ourselves unnecessary suffering. By purposefully directing our awareness away from such thoughts and towards some “anchor”, we decrease their effect in our lives and we in-turn create a space of freedom where peace and love towards ourselves can grow.

Mindfulness is our own personal given power, that each and everyone can tap into. We become mindful when we decrease our negative thinking and increase our awareness, and understanding that the past cannot be changed, the future is unknown, we can only give to the present moment.  “What is the present moment asking us to do, and/or to just be.”

What is Mindful Eating?

Eating mindfully is not about what we eat, but HOW and WHY we eat. It’s not about constantly judging and feeling guilty about our choices, but instead the focus is required on the HERE and NOW. By being aware and paying close attention to taste, textures, and sensation and most importantly, showing gratitude, we can enjoy and savor each bite and celebrate our food. This way of awareness, teaches us to be in tune with your body reactions, assisting us to each just the right amount and the type of food that we need in the moment. Here is an example of the unconscious eating most of us do:

Let’s think of the first bite of a food, maybe it’s a piece of apple pie.  You have been looking forward to savoring and enjoying it and the saliva builds in your mouth as you cut in to the pie. You take the first bite and you are totally immersed in its sweetness, richness and smoothness.  It’s simply delicious! And you are in that very moment happy to eat it.  Then you begin to pay attention to the show you maybe watching or start a conversation with the person that is sitting with you…and suddenly the flavor in your mouth starts to decrease. Then you continue to finish the rest of it, chewing without noticing at all, and it disappears before you realize it.

Mindful eating is about recreating that “first bite” delight in each bite of our food. When our minds are disengaged from eating, we are not satisfied and seek out always for more food, even when we are full.  When we are connected to our eating experience, reflect on the source of the food, those who prepared it, those eating around you, and all the sensations in your body, we will feel more satisfied regardless of what or how much we are eating. Mindful eating can make anyone’s eating healthier and more fulfilling, regardless of weight or nutritional status.


10 Mindful Eating Questions: Ask yourself…do I tend to:

  1. Do I stop eating when I am full?
  2. Do I eat when I am hungry or just because some emotional thought or/and feelings are surfacing.
  3. Do I pick at food?
  4. Do I taste each bite before I reach for the next?
  5. Do I thing about how nurturing and healing food is for my body.
  6. Do I stop judging and feeling guilty when I over eat?
  7. Do I multi-task when I eat.
  8. Am I able to leave some food on my plate if I don’t want it.
  9. Do I eat slowly, do I chew each bite.
  10. Do I recognize when I slip into mindless eating (I am zoned out, popping food into my mouth).

Awareness Checklist:

  1. Am I sitting?
  2. Am I eating fast or slow?
  3. Am I mindlessly munching without noticing each bite?
  4. Am I asking myself “how hungry I really am?” on a scale from 1 to 10.
  5. Am I multi-tasking or truly focused on my meal.
  6. Am I bored, stressed, tired, anxious, etc.

Tips for success:

  1. Recruit someone else to learn mindful eating with, your family and friends.
  2. Remember there are no “do’s” and “don’ts”. Do what make’s sense in your life and what brings you happiness and joy.
  3. Laugh with yourself when mindfulness isn’t easy. One meal at a time.  We are more successful when we have fun.
  4. Mindfulness is a practice…and practice makes perfect…enjoy each moment.

More Information:

Book The Love of Mindful Eating and Cooking Workshop: In this workshop an hands on cooking class is held in YOUR OWN KITCHEN, we will explore the nourishing practice of Mindful Eating and Cooking with personalized focus.  You will get back to the basics and develop a greater appreciation for food while igniting your confidence and creativity in cooking.

A Mindful Eating and Cooking Class weaves together food wisdom, science-based nutrition information and culinary techniques. Throughout the session, we explore weight management, how food heals, tools to assist you in the kitchen.

Once we have finished cooking, we jointly eat the meal we have prepared together, sharing joys, woes, hopes and dreams over a nourishing, home-cooked meal.

A Mindful Cooking Class usually lasts three hours and comprises 3-4 participants (number of participants is based on size of your kitchen and space). It can be taught on its own or as part of a more comprehensive one-day “Mindful Eating”-workshop, and can it is held in private homes or public settings.

Tina Aurelio, is the founder and owner of Holistic Bodyworx Inc. and Forza Donna Inc. where she works as an integrative Life Coach and Wellness/Nutrition Consultant and Coach with individuals and Corporate Organizations. Tina teaches mindfulness as the first step in wellness and specializes in teaching and research on mindfulness as it relates to health, relationships and eating.

Tina has a long time practice and leads in her practice by observing and researching the link between mindfulness as medicine; as it relates to stress reduction, disease, weight loss and weight gain and so much more.

For more information on pricing and booking your event, please contact us.

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Coach T. ❤

In Search of Perfect Spiritual Strength

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Seen through the eyes of higher self-knowledge, our weaknesses, whatever their nature, are the secret seeds of a new strength unlike anything imagined in our unending dream of overcoming what now defeats us.

The hardest part of the journey along the upward path is the gradual realization that our work to awaken to real life is, at best, imperfect. Along the ascending path, each football serves to echo an unwanted reminder of our imperfect actions, imperfect thoughts and feelings, imperfect devotion, and so forth and so on. However, seeing these image-shattering truths about ourselves is but half the trial and, in some ways, the lesser of the challenges to be faced along the way.

The greater part of this difficulty-and perhaps the most slippery part of the upper path – is the temptation to judge ourselves – to loath ourselves for whatever the “weakness” is that now sits exposed.  The act of judging ourselves in times like these seems natural and even necessary if we hope to ever “outgrow” our own limitations as revealed. But this kind of self-laceration is a Trojan horse within whose dark recesses lies hidden a certain fact that, once perceived, frees us from the torment of self-judgement.

The pain in any unwanted revelation about our present level of self is created in that moment by the same low level of self that doesn’t want to be revealed.

Now, to this last fact add the following important idea: when our attention is drawn to how much we don’t want to be what we are in that moment, we can’t see ourselves as we actually are! This means that all forms of resistance-born reactions are blinding agents; they mask the fact of the moment with powerful, unwanted sensations that steal our attention so that instead of being self-aware conscious of the whole of us-we  are aware only of the painful reaction and what it points to as being the cause of our suffering.

Despising ourselves for missing the mark doesn’t prove we could have hit the mark and didn’t. It proves only the the unconscious nature involved in this kind of pain doesn’t know what the true mark is or else it wouldn’t be tearing into itself. This deception is as deep as it is cunning and dark: hating ourselves for our weakness is the way secret weakness passes itself off as strength.

Real spiritual strength is realized, slowly, by daring to detect and drop these blind negative states that we’ve been allowing to define us. And, believe it, or not, this choice to no longer agree to ache over what you are not is the most difficult part of one’s work to be free.  After all, when there is no one and nothing left within oneself to blame for one’s weakness, it’s also pretty clear that turning to one’s “self” for help is like asking a donkey for the directions to heaven.

The interior work to realize the “Self” is a never-ending journey, and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t begin with our wish to awaken but rather with God working within us to awaken us to the other-worldly nature of celestial love.  If we agree to go through what is asked of us in this way, then it is through our union with the Divine – and the interior labor this calls for – that we gradually realize a conscious relationship with a love that is the same as life unending.

The time will come, if we persist, when we will no longer fear seeing our weakness but rather realize its presence as a shadow that only appears as it does because of a living light that serves to reveal it.  And the greater this understanding grows, the greater the strength of this light becomes our own.

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Coach T ❤

 ref: Guy Finley – Your Immortal Self.

The Power To Change Your Past

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You cannot do the work of starting life over and be busy reliving your past at the same time. Being new is a deliberate choice: it is an act of alignment that places you in conscious contact with a living presence that’s incapable of repeating itself.

So many people today are bitter, broken-hearted, or just plain angry because of what happened to them while growing up. The reasons for their resentment or regret are as countless as are the number of unconscious people who unknowingly create such pain in the lives of those they hurt. But nothing that happened yesterday – as horrendous as it may have been – has authority over the present moment and its new possibilities.

We may sense the truth of this spiritual fact but have been unable to put its power to work in our life. Here’s what to do whenever we find ourselves wrapped in the flames of that burning house called our painful past:


Here’s the “how” part, although each of us must see the following truths that help free us from ourselves.

The true present moment cannot burn anything, let alone your immortal Self; it is the strange allure of reliving the past that punishes those unwary enough to wander back through it, searching for some resolutions that cannot be found there.

Any sorrow, resentment, or anxiety brought over and into the living now can only be an echo of some event now past.  Try to see this liberating fact: no pain from the past can make itself present unless the mind, asleep to itself, is deceived into revisiting the painful memory of that misery.

Nevertheless, in the same moment this negative image (replete with dark emotions) is recollected, it is resisted by the same sleeping mind that resurrected it! This reaction make the unwary a victim of nothing other than having sleepwalked into the stored memories of his or her own unwanted past, and though the pain is real, no doubt, it is a pain born of resisting a dream whose dark content creates misery for anyone caught in its realm.  This brings us to a key idea for those who wish to leave a conflicted past behind:

Who you really are – your immortal Self – does not live in the past, and therefore cannot be punished by anything that happened there.

If anything, is repeated pain of reliving whatever the problems may have been should show us that we have arrived in the wrong place, led there by misguided parts of us.

Imagine sleepwalking into a rundown, dangerous neighborhood and suddenly awakening to your situation. There is no doubt as to your next action: you would get out of that place as fast as you could. Wisdom, if not pure instinct, prevails, and the same intelligence should hold true for us when it comes to our spiritual lives.  What “once was” lives on only in an unconscious “neighborhood” in ourselves – one where we no longer belong.  This in-the-dark level of consciousness is populated with the shadows of former painful experiences, both real and imagined.

But their power over us runs only as deep as we are identified with that dream world into which we have fallen. We walk out of there by waking up, or by bringing our attention back into the presence of the living moment, where it belongs.

No one can teach us to leave the world of what was or to abandon those unconscious parts of us that actually need to relive their pain in order to live on; they cannot see themselves for what they are, nor do they want to.

We must see them, their world, and the pain of their reality as being something we no longer wish to walk with or through. Nothing can delay our departure from this lower level of self, any more than the ground floor of a skyscraper can keep you from taking its elevator all the way up to the observation deck.

From my heart to your heart ❤ God Bless ❤ Coach T.